Accounting & Tax
Rosen & Associates, LLP

Rosen & Associates provides a comprehensive suite of accounting, tax and business consulting services to our clients. Our clients are “full-service” clients, which utilize our full suite of services. We begin by providing bookkeeping assistance, customized depending on your unique needs, with the goal of ensuring proper recording of income and expenses. We then prepare financial statements for your practice, with commentary and comparisons to industry metrics. We compile these metrics each year from data accumulated from hundreds of Rosen dental practice clients, with the goal of helping you better understand norms and trends in the dental industry, along with how your practice aligns with these standards.
Through the year, and specifically towards to the end, we provide our clients with customized, comprehensive tax planning, and look at the practice number in order to come up with the most favorable tax strategies.  By doing this, we accomplish our goal of a “no surprise” philosophy for all our clients. Once the year is completed we prepare your individual, corporate, partnership, and trust tax returns as needed

Dental Practice Consulting & Outsourcing
Rosen Summit Dental Advisors, LLC

In addition, within our family of affiliated companies is our consulting company, Rosen Summit Dental Advisors, LLC RSDA dives deeper into your practice through the use of its two divisions: Consulting and Outsourcing. Our Consulting division offers many traditional consulting services focused on improving the quality of life of the owner/dentist and also hands-on compliance, protocols and staff training, just to name a few. Our second division, Outsourcing, handles Patient Account Auditing, Accounts Receivable collections, Outstanding Insurance Claims, Oversight Management, and many more, just to ensure you are collecting what you are in fact due.

Dental Practice Transitions, Simulated Sales & Buyer Representation
Rosen Dental Transitions, LLC
Whether you want to sell your practice today, sell it in the future or buy a practice tomorrow, Rosen Dental Transitions, can handle every step in the transition process. The collaboration and support of Rosen & Associates, LLP, Rosen Summit Dental Advisors, LLC, CCR Wealth Management, LLC and 10+ years in dental acquisition financing, gives us a unique perspective into transitioning a dental office. Through our family of companies, we are able to advise you on retirement planning, tax implications, practice operations, management consulting, A/R & billing, and real estate and practice value
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