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New Funds Available-CARES-Act Provider Relief Fund Expanded to More Dentists 7-13-2020

PPP Loan Update: 8 Weeks Extended to 24 Weeks 6-3-2020

EIDL Loan: I got an email from the SBA…Now what? 5-9-2020

COVID-19 Payroll Credits and Form 7200 5-8-2020

PPP Loan Questions-still-unanswered by the Treasury SBA 5-7-2020

COVID-19 PPP Loan FAQ Update - 4-8-2020

COVID-19 To Apply or Wait The PPP decision Every Doctor is Making - 4-6-2020

COVID-19. PPP Loan Application update and FAQ's - 4-3-2020

COVID-19 Breaking News PPP Loan Application UPDATED - 4-3-2020

COVID-19 Critical Update to EIDL Loan Application - Must Reapply - 3-31-2020

COVID-19 Critical Update to EIDL Loan Application - 3-30-2020

COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Checklist - 3-29-2020

COVID-19 SBA Loans What do I do - 3-27-2020

Webinar Link - COVID-19 & Dentistry - Managing Your Practice's Financial Health in a Crisis - Mark B. Rosen, CPA ,CFP(R) & Henry Schein - 3-27-2020

COVID-19 State Deadline Extensions - 3-27-2020

CARES ACT - Passed by Senate March 26, 2020 - 3-26-2020

COVID-19 Disaster Action Plan for Your Practice - 3-22-2020

COVID-19 Treasury Secretary Announced Extension of Deadline - 3-20-2020

Treasury and IRS Issue Guidance on Deferring Tax Payments Due to COVID-19 - 3-18-2020

COVID-19 - Response Guidance for MA Employers - 3-18-2020

COVID-19 Update - 3-17-2020

COVID-19 - Rosen & Associates, LLP - 3-17-2020

Addressing Concerns About COVID-19 - 3-17-2020

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